Monday, August 11, 2008

A post by an imposter!

LOL - mum asked me to pop a quick post on her blog as a bit of a catch up...internet access in rural Western Australia is worse than watching paint dry...slow slow slow.

So, anyway, I am Kylie - Pat's eldest daughter - and I have my own blog at Moxie. I am a member of SBS17. The reason mum asked me to pop up a post was these:

I purchased two sets of these fabbo AJ and Lulu stamps from Dinky Dot Crafts...the designer is the son of my SBS17 sister Alison. Two sets - yep one for me and one for mum. I've been having a go with mine as you can see.

So really...I am posting here to advertise on behalf of Alison!

And now I am on here I can run amok...wanna see what my mum is teaching people to make at a workshop next Sunday?

It is a book for holding cards have them on hand each month as someone's birthday comes due.

Better go now...probably be the last time I post here...she is sure to change her password now :).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Meeting Friends at SBS 21

Hello Everyone
It was lovely this morning to find that you have been visiting and leaving comments. I have been involved in two craft shows over the last two weekends - hence today I am enjoying looking further than my workroom.
I am looking forward to visitng all your sites in the next day or so and seeing your wonderful work.

Best wishes Pat

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy bib and nappy

This little tot is a porcelain doll dressed in a nappy and bib and bonnet made from Fimo.

She is part of a doll mould set that I sell and there are eleven other heads to choose from in the set.

Included amongst them are two Bush Babies that look like May Gibbs Gumnut Babies and are very popular with doll makers.

Laid Back Lad

This design is centered around the stamp of the "lad".

I have found it difficult to locate stamps that are suitable for boy cards and this stamp was a nice find. I tried to keep it simple (my daughter says "NO BLING!" to me often) 'cos boys just aren't drawn to all that ribbon and stuff are they?

Ladies Memory Journal

I began working working with paper crafts late last year and after a few months off over Christmas, I have become a little more adventurous (for me anyway).

I love preparing these little journals and use stamping in the process. It is such a nice little gift for someone and lots of uses for it too.


Pippin is an 18cm porcelain doll that I made, then dressed in Fimo for a project that was in Australian Dolls Bears and Collectables earlier this year.

I don't know who named him "Pippin" because I think he should be known as "Bruiser" because he always looks ready for the next bit of mischief.

Anyway he sells very well for me and most doll collectors seem to like him too.


This seven inch doll is porcelain and dressed in low fire medium called Sculpey or Fimo.

She was featured in a project in the Australian Dolls Bears and Collectables magazine along with two other dolls earlier this year and has proved to be a popular product for me.